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With our design flexibility and early engagement approach, we can offer our services from planning stages, tender award and in some cases when the project actually commences. Our Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) includes design viability assessments, design constructibility reviews, assistance with planning and liaison with local authorities.



All Designs are undertaken In-House. Unique Designs to suit challenging project requirements.Full Structural and Permanent Design Facilities with rebar detailing-all In-House creating dynamic solutions for individual projects. We additionally offer a full rebar Detailing Service.


Bespoke Solutions

We design and produce various unique rail-track elements. These are normally undertaken in a very short timeframe given the shutdown availability for rail-lines. Design is normally for non-standard items and to the highest standard given the sensitivity of rail-based assets.
With our unique analysis methods and vast experience, we have yet to encounter a challenge that could not be converted to Precast!!


Structural Review

We use start-of-the-art technology and software to ensure that all our analysis and designs are compliant. This gives us the edge towards maximised conversion to precast and modular construction. Interactive 3-D models are generated from our design for ease of review by all parties to simplify make the most challenging scenarios towards a bespoke solution.


Value Engineering

Through design, we are able to reduce the areas of steel and hence the rebar tonnages. We have constantly revised our concrete mix designs to ensure the lowest carbon footprint possible in our production. Our interactive analysis tools allow us to achieve the highest possible conversion to Precast and offsite construction.


Architectural Welding

Our in-house fully trained welding team can fabricate almost anything within our welding plant. We have both manual and automated welding equipment that aid in the welding precision and unique geometry created. All steel cutting and forming is based off auto-cad drawings and details. Our welding is routinely tested by 3rd party UKAS labs.


Product Testing and Partnering

In partnering with our concrete supplier, we have trialed the used of cement-free concrete.

We also provided concrete elements and the facility for Invisible Connections to undertake trail or pilot testing on new products before launch.

As part of our service to the community, we have allowed Bedfordshire Fire Service the use of our facility to undertake crane rescue training.

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Our partner company Ground Construction Limited provides further services